Our Killer Bubble Tea

Using all natural and high quality ingredients, such as hand-picked fruits and tapioca pearls or boba pearls prepared in our stores, our bubble teas,  smoothies  and slushes are unlike any place else.

Our Amazing tea

Our unique and premium organic line of loose leaf teas are served hot or cold. Flown in from all over the world, only the best make it to our shelves.

Our superb QUALITY

We believe on quality over quantity. Our quality equals best or nothing.

Plus we are premier retailer of bubble tea and have the largest selection in Chicago land.

Corporate Culture

strawberriesAt Chill Bubble Tea, our goal is to create a company based on morals and ethics that we believe are the cornerstone of any successful company. Everyone that works with us is here because we believe that they have what it takes to make our vision grow.


We work only with people that show integrity in their work and lives. Everyone we hire, whether it be our team members, managers, designers, architects and lawyers, all share a strict code of ethics and integrity. We believe that this is the what drives people to do amazing things, and we apply that to our company in every hire and decision we make.


The foundation for our company is our people. But just as important is the creativity our people bring to the table every day. We emphasize a corporate culture of creativity and "outside the box" thinking. We challenge everyone in our company to be creative every chance they get.


Our company thrives on passion to achieve our goals. Our staff is passionate about every detail of our company, whether it be large or small. Without passion, we wouldn't be able to do what......please our customers!