Our Killer Bubble Tea

Using all natural and high quality ingredients, such as hand-picked fruits and tapioca pearls or boba pearls prepared in our stores, our bubble teas,  smoothies  and slushes are unlike any place else.

Our Amazing tea

Our unique and premium organic line of loose leaf teas are served hot or cold. Flown in from all over the world, only the best make it to our shelves.

Our superb QUALITY

We believe on quality over quantity. Our quality equals best or nothing.

Plus we are premier retailer of bubble tea and have the largest selection in Chicago land.


What is Bubble Tea?


Bubble tea is a flavored or fresh fruit based drink poured over "tapioca pearls" and served as smoothie or over ice. Invented in local tea houses in Taiwan during 1980s, bubble teas are delicious, nutritious and fun. Our beverages are non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and has less sugar than a typical soft drink.

Bubble teas are known by many names such as boba tea, tapioca tea, boba nai cha, pearl tea, milk tea, bubble drink, zhen zhu nai cha, tapioca pearl drink, momi, momi milk tea and QQ.

We offer a variety of bubble tea flavors ranging from popular classics like Mango or Strawberry, to our own unique line such as Purple Oreo and Orange Torpedo. Click here to learn more about our menu!


What are Tapioca Pearls or Boba?


Tapioca pearls or boba are small beads of tapioca but a chewy, gummy bears texture that are added to drinks to enhance its flavor.

Tapioca pearl is a starch extracted from Cassava plant which makes the pearl gluten-free and almost protein-free. We cook our tapioca fresh every day and it takes close to 60 minutes to prepare just one batch of tapioca. Stop by one of our locations and take them for a test drive!

Please Note: tapioca pearls or boba are NOT the same as dreaded tapioca pudding.


What are loose leaf teas?


TIMI Tea by Chill is our own brand of high quality loose-leaf teas. We use only the highest quality ingredients, 100% organic leaves which are harvested in different regions of the world. And we mix them into unique combinations and brew them fresh in our stores. Teas can be serve cold or hot with/out tapioca pearls.

Whether you're in the mood for a classic Jasmine Green Tea, made from hand-picked jasmine tea leaves, or something more unique like Toasted Coconut Truffle, made with black tea and real dried bits of Hawaiian coconut pieces, gets your today! Click here to learn more about our menu!


What makes us different?


Chill Bubble Tea is Chicago's first premier retailer of bubble tea.

Our beverages are unique, non-alcoholic, non-carbonated, no syrups or bottled flavorings, have less sugar than a typical soft drink and made unlike any other. Our ingredients are different from almost all bubble tea places. Additionally, we only use Grade A tapioca pearls and homemade syrup made with real cane sugar instead of fructose.

Stop in today to test drive our beverages and rethink bubble teas. We strive to be able to say the ordinary is not enough. We live to reach for the extraordinary.


What is Chill promise?


We promise to make you a perfect beverage every time. If not, we will make it again until it is.


How do I apply for open position at a store?


Click here to apply.

Due to the large amount of applications we receive daily, please refrain from calling our stores to inquire on status. We will review and get back to candidates accordingly.


Do you offer franchise stores?


We do not offer any franchise opportunities. Chill Bubble Tea Company is privately owned and operated.


Are your products Kosher?


Some of our products such as Berry Blend, Mango, Pineapple, Caramel, Chai Tea, Chocolate, Cookies 'n Cream, Thai Tea and Watermelon are Kosher. The products are certified by OK Dairy Kosher, Whole Kosher Services (WKS), Vaad HaKashruth of San Antonio (SKA) and/or Rabinato Ortodoxo De Costa Rica (CIS). Free free to check our Menu.


Are your products Halal?


All of our products are Halal. Free free to check our Menu.


Are your products gluten-free and gelatin-free?


All of our products are gluten-free (except Cookies 'n Cream) and gelatin-free including our tapioca pearls. Free free to check our Menu.


Are your products non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and syrups-free?


Yes! All of our beverages are non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and free of syrups or bottled flavorings. Free free to check our Menu.


Are your products non-dairy and lactose-free?


All of our products are non-dairy and lactose-free but do contain sodium caseinate (a milk derivative).

Please let our team know about any potential allergies when ordering. Free free to check our Menu.


Are your products vegan?


Some of our products are vegan such as Berry Blend, Kiwi, Lemonicious, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, regular tapioca pearls and flavored tapioca pearls.

Please let our team know about any potential allergies when ordering. Free free to check our Menu.


Nutrition Facts?


Nutrition Facts as following:

* please note: classics, creations and fresh fruits based bubble teas and smoothies can be customized according to your taste, content and preference. Please let team member know if you would like to have your drink customized.

* please note: loose-leaf teas (cold/hot) contains very little calories usually under 10 calories per drink without creamer and sugar.


* Nutritional information stated is calculated on average basis. Due to our products are handcrafted and highly customizable, exact information may vary.


Where can I purchase, use and check balance on my Chill Bubble Tea Gift Card?


Your Chill Bubble Tea gift card is accepted in all US stores and may be purchased at any one of our locations.

Chill Bubble Tea Gift Cards are available in whole dollar denominations in five-dollar increments as $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, $100 and $150.


For Balance Inquires: Stop by one of Chill Bubble Tea locations or click on Check My Gift Card Balance.

Importantly, Chill Bubble Tea Gift Cards are reloadable, reuseable, free of fees and never expire.


What happens if my Chill Bubble Tea Gift Card is lost or stolen?


Please safeguard your Chill Bubble Tea Gift Cards like cash, as Chill Bubble Tea is not responsible for unauthorized use. If lost or stolen, it can not be replaced.

Also, your Chill Bubble Tea Gift Card cannot be redeemed for cash or credit, except as required by law.


Contact customer service?


If you didn't find your answer in our FAQs, please feel free to Contact Us or call us 24x7 at 773-717-CHILL or 773-717-2445

We appreciate your questions, concerns and/or feedback.